Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our little owl(s)

I'm already a bad Mom.  It has been a while since I have written anything - and it is mostly because I am tired, tired and sick, sick and tired.  Nothing too bad-  not throwing up all day like so many of my friends seemed to have done, but an overall feeling of ickyness that doesn't ever go away combined with an intense desire to sleep.  All Day.  Every Day.

It has been almost two weeks since we went to Shands to have our first ultrasound.  Dr. Williams barely had the thing started before he announced it was two.  Two!  Holy Crap TWO!!!! 

We all know that I have said all along I wanted two.  That it would be the ultimate BOGO (Buy one Get One) but now that it has happened all I have to say is I am scared to death.  How in the heck can I really be having two? As I walk around I am now 3.  It is scary and sometimes creepy.  That being said, again, we are so lucky.  We probably could not have afforded to do this a second time so our family can be complete.  But I am still more nervous than excited. 

Dr. Williams called our first ultrasound picture an owl.  And since I had been looking at bird and nature bedding for the room it may have sealed the deal for the nursery theme.  I think you both kinda look like an owl too.  Or batman. 

Darn picture keeps turning sideways....
Tomorrow is our next ultrasound and our last appointment in Gainesville.  I'm kinda nervous about that too.  While I am looking forward to not driving 2.5 hours every time I need to go to the doctor, I really like our doctors and nurses in Gainesville.  They have been awesome during our treatments and its going to be scary going to a doctor in Tallahassee (where we aren't known for our best medical care). 

With much love,


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