Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4 months old

Dear James and Laura,
I can hardly believe you are already over 4 months old.  It was only a year ago we found out that we were pregnant-  we didn't even know we were going to have twins.  It is amazing how much our lives changed - but not in the obvious ways.  The new inability to sleep well even if you are sleeping, the constant thinking about you even when I don't realize I am.  My new obsession with all things traditional.  No desires for me and 1000s for each of you. 
James-  You started out as my quiet one.  Didn't move much, didn't cry much and happy as a clam alone.  That is no longer the case.  Right now you are in the stage of HAVING to be near someone.  Or held.  You prefer being held-  but not while laying down or sitting.  No, you have to be held while standing up.  You cry at the drop of a hat- if you can't reach a toy or if someone walks out of the room.  You aren't really rolling over much-  unless you are mad that you are alone.  You are quick to grab toys and things to chew on-  but also quick to drop them when bored.  You have surpassed your sister in weight - checking in at 13lbs 10oz.  You also LOVE applesauce.  We were given the OK to start solids-  so I made homemade sweet potato and homemade applesauce.  You like the sweet potato but applesauce is your main thing. 
Laura-  You started out as my fussy one.  You never did like to be held facing in, from the very beginning you wanted to see where you were going, not where you had been.  You are still like that.  You only just tolerate being held of snuggled, unless you are sleepy.  I love sneaking in your room and holding you while you are asleep because it is the only time you act pleased to be held.  Now while James demands attention you are usually content to just sit and kick and kick and kick.  You love bath time because you can kick and swim in the water.  And when we visited Uncle David's in Destin you loved the pool.  You are my little roller.  You hated to be on your stomach for so long but once you learned to roll from your back to your stomach you couldn't be stopped.  You use it to move around now -  if I leave the room for only a minute and come back you are rarely where I left you.  You don't cry often-  but when you do you mean it.  You stick out your lower lip to pout and I'm told that is something I still do ( I don't buy that though).  You grunt in anger-  and I do know that is me.  You aren't big on eating yet-  you make funny (or perhaps ugly) faces when given sweet potatoes and applesauce.  But we still play with it to see how you do. 
Both of your are amazing and I know you are going to test my patience and sanity at times.  But every moment has been worth everything we went through to have you. 
You both are definitely my sunshine. 
Finally getting to meet you

Big Boy and Girl-  4 months old already!