Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The 2WW is over...

Kinda.  I went this morning to Shands to have my blood work.  I'm going to say my first Beta test because once we get a postive we will go back Sunday to get another one done to make sure the levels are doubling.  This is me trying to be positive.

Your Dad wouldn't let me take a HPT (home pregnancy test) this am....even though I have said all along I wanted to do it this morning.  His reasoning was that there was no benefit.  If it was negative I would be a wreck on the way to the clinic.  Turns out it didn't matter.   I was a wreck on the way to the clinic anyway.  Cried the whole way there. 

When they drew my blood they told me that Dr. Williams had already called to see if we had any results.  The nurse was also surprised that I had not done an HPT yet.  She said she was impressed.   Other than the fact your Dad didn't want me too- my biggest strength in not doing it was really believing that God is teaching me to be patient.  So I am going to be patient and wait for the call this afternoon.

At 10 I know Jessica didn't have the results because she sent a very positive email about waiting to call when your Dad is home this afternoon.  He is supposed to be home at 3:30-  so I guess we will know in 4 short hours...

Until then I am going to take a nap because I woke up at 3am and never could get back to sleep. 

Looking forward to hearing of your arrival,

Your Anxious and Nervous Mom

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