Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today I am 8 days post transfer, or 13 days past ovulation.  Tomorrow morning I go in for my beta test.  I'm nervous and scared.  I have not taken a single home pregnancy test after the one on day 4 to make sure the trigger shot was gone.  I've had every symptom in the book-  but every symptom in the book could be from PMS, from the progesterone or from pregnancy.  I'm just a little naseous, I am sensitive smells and continual slight cramping. 

Now I am in a dilema.  Your Dad can't go with me to Gainesville tomorrow for the blood work.  That in itself isn't a big deal- but chances are he won't be home till late in the afternoon and won't be here when I get the call.  So do we take an at-home test tomorrow morning so we have a good idea? Or what? 

I'll be honest.  I can't remember being this sick to my stomach about something.  I am terrified that I am not pregnant.  This time tomorrow I will know for sure if I have a chance....but today I don't and all I want to do is cry.

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