Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You are real...

Well you have been real from the moment you were suctioned off my ovary :-) but now there isn't any denying you.  This weekend we told a majority of the family you exist and are on your way. 

We started w/ Aunt Beffer-  took her to lunch and gave her your Gator onsie.  Then we called my Dad at work and emailed him a picture of his onsie.  Next we told my Mom when she got to Tallahassee and then my Grandparents and brothers when we got to Destin.  When we got back from Destin we called your Dad's Mom and Dad and told them too.  Only a few more relatives that will need to know before we "tell the world".

I made these onsies to give to everyone when we told them....I bet you never end up wearing a single one of them!  But it was a good way to pass an afternoon...

Now on to making the "to-do" list that must be accomplished before Thanksgiving! 

1 comment:

  1. I loved mine and will take pic in it to show you it was not for nothing1!!!