Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It is only a day away (your Mother LOVES to sing)- but it seems like a whole lifetime away.  In a way it is. 

I'm working from home today waiting on UPS to deliver the $2799 worth of medicines that will put me into menopause, bring me out of menopause, cause me to super ovulate, kill bacteria, calm me (valium- really looking forward to that one), make my uterus into a warm and cozy home to the embryos that will be transferred and other things that I am sure I am forgetting right now.  I am waiting for these meds today because tomorrow is when I will start the meds that in less than a month will hopefully bring me you. 

Let me tell you- I am terrified.  Yep.  Scared. It seems like that after nearly two years of trying to have you this month would not seem like a lifetime in itself.  But tomorrow we up the stakes.  Tomorrow I start the counting game and waiting game ALL over again.  But this time everything is riding on this. 

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