Monday, February 27, 2012

Let go and let God

That sounds so simple.  Let go and let God.  Trust in God and lean not on your own understanding.  Yet God gave us minds to question and think and evaluate everything.  He teaches us to do those things so we are not fooled.  So it is so frustrating to me to just "trust God".  What does that mean? Does it mean we shouldn't try to have you with medical assistance? Does it mean we should trust him to make sure the medical assistance works or what? Does it mean I should prepare for failure?  Its frustrating and causes me many tears.

What may not matter in the future, may have little or no effect on history, or may cause your sibling's not to be born,  is the current Republican candidates for President.  The two "final" candidates are so different from each other its hard to believe that they are even still both considered options.  As a Republican I am moderate at best- and I think that is why Mitt Romney appeals to me.  He represents common sense in my mind.  He is not so far in either direction- yet still is considered a Republican.  I voted for him in the primary and if he makes it to the end I will campaign for him as much as I can. 

The other candidate is Rick Santorum.  This man is as far right as a person can be I think.  There are so many political issues I disagree with him on that listing them would take far too much time.  But the one that breaks my heart the most, the one that will force me to vote for Obama if he becomes our candidate is infertility treatments.  In Rick's world trust in the Lord means no IVF.  With no IVF there will be no Baby Spratt and with no Baby Spratt I can't imagine our future.  In Rick's world birth control is evil.  Yet in Rick's world extraordinary measures have been taken to save his children's lives.  I'm not sure where you draw the line with "trust in God"- but I do believe that because God gave us brains, because he gave us Doctors and because he gave us medical miracles he doesn't mind using those on Earth to help him achieve his plan. 

So Baby Spratt-  always trust in the Lord, know that you will often not understand his plans, but that in no way means you can't be proactive in your life.  God will provide- and sometimes he uses earthly hands to do so. 

I love you,


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  1. I agree with you about Romney...and Santorum scares me. Maybe "trust in the Lord" means "trust your own relationship with Him...who you know Him to be...and how he works in your heart and your life..." After all, isn't it about having a personal relationship with Him? If so, why do so many people tell others exactly how that relationship should be?