Friday, November 23, 2012

34 weeks

Dear Babies-

On Thanksgiving Thursday I was 34 weeks-  but this week's picture was taken the day before. 

After a busy two weeks with the campaign, organizational session and the start of lots of meetings for work I have been looking foward to take the next week easy before the last committee week and what I hoped to be my last real week of working.  However, you babies may have something else in mind.

Wednesday we went to see Dr. Franz and I expected a normal appointment- in, out and on our way.  But it seems that my blood pressure has hit the "uh oh" level.  I thought for sure he would just tell me to keep watching it and since I am on weekly appointments now he would see me next week.  But instead he sent me to Labor and Delivery to go to the triage to be monitored.  After three hours I was sent home and thought I was in the clear-  my labs were good, my pressure was elevated- but not that high, and lots of movement from you babies.  I still had to do my 24 hour protein test, but since none of my previous tests showed any protein I know I was good to go.  But they told me I had to come back again 24 hours later to do all the same tests again. 

24 hours later- we left my Mom at home cooking Thanksgiving dinner and went back to the hospital.  Turns out my 24 hours protein test was elevated along with my blood pressure and suddenly I'm on bed rest. 

I have to go back to the Doctor early next week-  but everything I've read and been told is that once the pressure goes up and you fail your protein test it doesn't get better until the baby is born.  Preeclampsia is the official diagnosis- so now we play the waiting game.

You are both still head down, so chances are they will induce labor in the next week or two depending on how my blood pressure acts.  I thought I had plenty of time to get the last few things done-  but it doesn't seem like I will be able too.  I had really hoped to make the December committee weeks- but that doesn't look possible. 

Good news is that at 34 weeks there is very little chance of needing much NICU time and every day you continue to bake we are better and better.  I'm hoping I can handle bed rest for another 2 weeks (day one has not been easy or fun).  Regardless it looks like we are getting really really close!!!  Can't wait to see you!



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