Monday, April 23, 2012

The dreaded 2WW

The dreaded 2WW, or two week wait, is ferociously upon us.  This is that time when there is NOTHING for me to do other than my nightly progesterone shots (and Jim gives me those).  Today I went back to the office and so things are on their "normal" pattern- but I feel anything but normal. (BTW- writing this on my lunch hour, none work time). 

For the past two weeks I either worked from Gainesville, from the house or took sick leave- and so for the past two weeks I've worn sweat pants.  Really that is all I could have worn anyway as my belly was so bloated from the drugs and the over sized ovaries.  Today I am dressed in "work" clothes- and I am completely uncomfortable.  I think my feet must be swollen because my shoes are tight.  That and my belly is still really poochy.  Of course I am going to blame my belly size on these meds for the rest of my life- need something positive!! 

I think that is the hardest thing right now-  remaining positive.  I am so lucky that I have good friends to help me through this.  Molly, who has been there- done that, and has the daughter to prove it!  Our neighbor Kerry who has been my sounding board each night and weekend- and who took care of Cracker for us (and the garden) while we were in Gainesville.  And so many more people who have done little things without even knowing it.  But even with all that its hard to be positive.  I want to prepare myself for the worst- but I'm afraid that might jinx us. 

The 2WW is filled with time that seems endless- and since your Dad is traveling a lot for work this week it already seems lonely.  I miss spending every day with him. 

Hopefully I won't freak myself out too much while trolling the Internet for every fact and statistic under the sun on 5 day embryo transfers....but we will see.  I have been known to go overboard on this type of thing before. 

With much love,


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