Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We are scheduled....

Hi Little Spratt-

The possibility of you seems more real now.  We are "scheduled" now to begin the IVF process.  I put process because apparently this is quite a process.  I start back on birth control (isn't that the definition of irony?) at the end of this month and then we get to almost make it through session before having to think anymore about it (HA HA HA- you know I will be thinking about it almost every minute of every day).  The last week of Session (potentially the most stressful) we get to make our first "payment" on you- to Walgreens.  This little $2000+ (estimates go up to $5k) will cover ALLLL the medication I will be taking during the duration of the IVF cycle. 

I joke a lot about costs- but in reality we are very lucky.  We have enough money in savings, thanks to your Great Grandparents, that we can do one cycle without going into debt up to our eyeballs. After that- we will figure out something.

This is where we will go to actually "get" pregnant.  Shands- at the University of Florida.  What you don't know is this means you have no choice on where you go to school-  this is it.  UF.  You are a Gator.  Even before you were thought about you were a Gator though. 

See your Dad and I met in college, at THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA- and after a brief and disastrous relationship we parted ways and both ended up in Tallahassee.  Now, please don't tell him this, but I pretty much followed him there.  Yes, I realize that seems somewhat pyscho - but it wasn't.  I gave him his space, we were friends, he dated and married my friend, we weren't friends, he got divorced, we were friends, we dated and I finally convinced him- nearly 10 years after our first kiss- to marry me. 

Your Dad and I, as your Aunt Julie LOVES to say, are perfect on paper together.  On paper, God clearly made us for each other.  There is no one in this world that gets me like he does and more importantly, can put up with me.  For one reason, I have SICK humor-  for example.  This is the man is going to knock me up or get me preggers, or impregnate me.  However you want to say it. 

Dr. R. Stan Williams

I find that to over-the-top funny-  he does not.  It hurts his feelings I suspect.  But I believe you have to add levity to all situations- and this is a hell of a situation. 

Long story short-  we are scheduled.  The cocktail of medications will be ordered in less than 60 days and it will all begin. 

With much love- and humor-

Your Mom 

P.S.  I just reread this entry and realized that I was all over the board.  I guess that is what happens when you start and stop writing 5 times in one day. 

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