Friday, June 15, 2012

11 weeks

Dear Babies-

We are getting so close to that first trimester mark-  when I am not supposed to worry so much about losing you.  However, as awesome as the Internet is- it brings a lot of anxiety when pregnant.  For every positive answer or post I find for my most mundane questions there is a negative post about miscarriage and illness and loss. 

Your Dad and I decided again any prenatal screenings.  We waited too long and tried too long to have you.  No matter what you are perfect and we are blessed to have you in our lives. 

This week I am starting to feel less anxious and more excited. I ordered mattresses for your cribs (not that we have your cribs yet) and a friend of mine is giving me a TON of baby stuff too.  I told my big boss at work and now we are free to tell anyone we want.  I think that makes me more excited too.  You both seem more real and part of our lives when we get to share you with others.

I think it also helps that I am finally getting a little more energy back- although as I type this I clearly need a nap.  I hope you both inherit my ability to sleep- and sleep a lot! 

With Much Love,


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