Monday, November 28, 2011

Stockings hung by the chimney with care...

I admit, it was hard for me to get motivated to decorate for Christmas this year- my heart really wasn't in it.  I have the best memories from my childhood of Christmas- at my Granny and Papa's in Tennessee and all the times I got to help my Mom decorate.  I always thought one day I would establish those traditions with my own children and yesterday it struck me that it may not be an option. 

Last year was your Dad and my first Christmas as an old married couple.  As I put each ornament on the tree and watched him hang the lights I just knew that this year you would be with us.  If not a wee little baby in a bassinet - then at least hanging around my middle making my back ache.  This year, as I hung the stockings I was painfully aware that the only one we added was for Cracker.  Now, while Cracker is a pretty awesome cat- he isn't a baby.  So we still have an empty stocking hanger. 

Any day now I will start my "clomid challenge test"- which somehow is supposed to measure my ability to produce eggs which will hopefully become embryos and  So next year, the days immediately following Thanksgiving (a family tradition) I hope that I am able to put an extra stocking (or 2) by the chimney with care.



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