Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gluscose Tolerance Testing

Crush...on Crack
Hello Aliens-

It has been awhile since I have wrote and I'm sorry.  I think about you every day, especially when I am leaning over random toilets and throwing up.  But a lot has been going on and I just haven't had time to sit down and put thoughts to blog. 

Last week your Grandma Bobbie had a heart attack-  not a bad one, but still one that required surgery.  I write this because now you have strong evidence of heart disease on both sides of your family and that makes me rethink everything!  She is doing well now, but still will have to make some major lifestyle changes. I am very proud of our LONG line of Southern ancestry- but no doubt it greatly contributes to the family history of heart disease.  I hope that I am able to remain true to our Southern roots, teach you about the amazing food that comes from the South, but still keep a healthy lifestyle for you both.   Everything in moderation right? 

Speaking of moderation, yesterday I was forced to consume large amount of sugar in a rapid amount of time as part of testing for gestational diabetes.  I'm a little miffed that I had to be tested early- but those Southern roots and my age has made me high risk (ie-  I weigh too much).  Not sure when we will get results but I'm hoping for positive ones.  I've never had any blood sugar problems and have low blood pressure.  But none of that matter with gestational diabetes apparently.  Guess we will wait and see.

We started on your room-  it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to combine the guest room and office.  Apparently we have way too much stuff.  Imagine that? 

We are 17 weeks along this week...seems like forever before you both are here.  But I know it will go by fast.  I am really ready to find out what you are...hopefully soon! 



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